Leaks, Smells, Noises & Laundry

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We have answers for your most obscure plumbing questions.

Here at Platinum Plumbing, we want to help you with all of your plumbing needs in Greenville, South Carolina, including those that might go beyond the usual ones. Leaks, smells, noises and laundry are just a few examples of common plumbing issues we are asked about often.

Leaks, Smells, Noises & Laundry

  • Leaks- Small or large, leaks need to be checked right away by a plumber to avoid mold or damages.
  • Smells- Sewer backup or issues with your pipes are common smelly culprits that we can examine.
  • Noises- Air in the piping is often a cause of noises, but a closer look is definitely needed.
  • Laundry- Is your plumbing enough to handle your laundry? Let us make sure!

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