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We’ll fix your broken garbage disposal in no time.

A broken garbage disposal is a big inconvenience. Whether it’s clogged or a part gets broken, you’re stuck scrupulously clearing off your dishes and hoping you don’t completely clog your kitchen sink whenever you turn on the water. Know that if you ever need help with your garbage disposal, the professional eye you need is always just a phone call away! Here at Platinum Plumbing, we can fix your garbage disposal in no time.

Garbage Disposal in Greenville, South Carolina

One thing many homeowners in Greensville, South Carolina don’t realize is that garbage disposals wear out and break down over time. If your garbage disposal stopped working and you need to update it with a new one, save your Saturday and turn this home improvement job over to us. We’ll do the job right and charge you a fair price for the installation.

On top of repairs and installations, we’re also here to offer you advice. We don’t want your garbage disposal to cause problems, so the number one piece of advice we can give you is to not treat this appliance like a trash can! Never let fats, oils, and grease go down your kitchen sink or large chunks of food that would be better off going straight into the trash.

Since 2009, we’ve been going above and beyond for our customers, and we’re eager to help out with whatever plumbing problem you run into. Contact us at Platinum Plumbing today if you’re having trouble with your garbage disposal!