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Make sure you always have hot water with professional water heater installation.

Your water heater ensures you can always take warm showers and wash your dishes with warm water. Today, warm water isn’t just a luxury– it’s a necessity, so you want to make sure your hot water always works like it should. If your hot water heater is on its last leg or it has completely given out, your next call should be to us at Platinum Plumbing.

Water Heater Installation in Greenville, South Carolina

We’ll thoroughly inspect your water heater before recommending a new installation. But if your water heater is older than a decade or it leaks, there’s a good chance water heater installation is in your immediate future. The good news is that water heater technology is always getting better, so your new system will be much more efficient and faster at heating up water.

Our water heater installation services are comprehensive, so that means we can help you pick out a new water heater based on your household size and needs, get rid of your old water heater, and complete every facet of the actual installation. Once you tell us which water heater to install, your work is done! We’ll get to work installing your new system right way, taking care of all the details and making sure that the next time you take a shower or turn on the sink, you’ll get warm water almost instantly.

We’ve been working on water heaters in the Greenville, South Carolina area since 2009, so you can count on us for great workmanship and service. Schedule your next appointment by calling us at Platinum Plumbing today!